Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Ring - pt 3

Following on from pt 2 - we are heading to Sydney on Saturday morning to pick up our engagement ring!!  Yay!  Very exciting, we met with the jeweller 2 weeks ago, and they've been working on it since, so Saturday is the day!

Sure I had a frantic email to them around 2am one morning when I panicked that I hadn't explained a crucial part properly, and then had a follow up call from the jeweller reassuring me all was ok and that alot of girls do the same!

While we're there we're going to pick out our wedding bands also, I'm going plain white gold, Mr Mel is having white gold with some sort of texture, unsure as yet.

So hopefully the photo I post on this blog with the ring on my finger will look exactly (please engagement ring/jewellery gods look kindly upon me) like the one we picked.

The photo we gave them to work off
Here's hoping!!

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