Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dress Options - 2

Have been looking around online at dresses, as I'm yet to go shopping or meet with a dress maker, so have been looking for inspiration.

Also I'm still trying to decide if I want a dress I can wear again (I love that Sherry of Young House Love dyed her wedding dress to wear again) or if happy to have it as a one-off, and also if I want a 'bridey bridey' dress or something really casual.  Maybe a compromise is one that can be changed afterwards?

As you can tell I'm totally unsure on any aspect of the dress!

Keep in mind I'll be size 16-18 for the day am a tad busty and about 5'5" - 5'6", so itsy mitsy dresses worn by waifs just aren't gonna cut it.  These are some of the ones I'm liking at the moment, putting together a portfolio of sorts, to take with me when I eventually go meet with someone, to see if any of them are realistically 'do-able' for me & my bod.

Given it's going to be the middle of Winter, I'll probably wear a stoll (stole?) or similar, which also helps hide the upper arms, not a fave body part!
Gorgeous (photo source)
This is the style I've liked from the start (photo source)

Casual yet still bridey, and like the flouncy capped shoulders (photo from google search oops)
Love this - Kyra Sedgwick in Vera Wang at 2010 SAGs (photo source)
Gorgeous - but in ivory - Christina Applegate in Roberto Cavalli at 2010 SAGs (photo source)
I'm loving the Christina Applegate one at the moment!

With the big day less than 4 months away I really do need to get cracking on the dress!!  If anyone knows of any great (and not overly expensive) dress makers in the Newcastle/Hunter Valley/even Hills district of Sydney, feel free to let me know!!!  (

I've definitely got a crush on the Christina dress, just found the view of the back.

Just lovely

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