Saturday, March 19, 2011

DIY Invitations - I'm game!

After trawling through probably hundreds of wedding blogs and supplier sites looking at invites, I have decided to make our invitations myself, a DIY project, I'm game, I think!

We want to go with a mainly green and cream colour scheme, based mostly on my obsession with green, and the lovely cymbidium orchid we'll probably have as our flowers.

I ventured to Spotlight today and holy moly what a craft section, I've never done any sort of craft, so hadn't wandered the aisles of craft, ever, so it was a bit of info and sensory overload, sooooo many options!

So after visiting 2 Spotlight stores (50kms apart, yes I was committed to get it done today!), I ended up going with the options below:

DIY invitations in the making!
I'm thinking of using the dark green as the backer, then the flower paper with a 1cm border of dark green, then with vellum (like tracing paper), over it bar for a .5cm border, and printing on the vellum the details of the invitation.

Then I'll use the white and pale green for the RSVP cards, and the map/directions/accommodation/transport card.

Using a 100% recycled envelope, pale brown, not matchy matchy, but we like it :)

The whole stash of DIY supplies
So wish me luck, I'm sure it's probably crazy to have first crafty/DIY project as our wedding invitations, but here we go!


  1. Good Luck! Sure is fun making DIY Invitations. :-)

  2. Thanks Vi, I think I'm craft challenged! :)


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