Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Countdown - 4 months!

Wow only 4 months to go!  Time is flying, this past month has gone supersonic speed!

Our to do list is getting done:

  • Engagement Ring - picked up 2 weeks ago, love love love it, going to get our wedding bands from same jeweller (25% minimum discount, yay!)

  • Venue - booked & deposit paid & revisted to measure up for decorations

  • Celebrant - booked & deposit paid - we'll meet with her in a couple of weeks

  • Caterer - booked & deposit paid - need to decide on which 12 canapes & boxed dish we'll go with

  • Photographer - booked

  • Hair & Makeup - booked & deposit paid

  • Bridal Party - we told my sister about the surprise wedding via Skype on Monday night, she was gobsmacked but ecstatic!  She'll be my maid of honour, not having bridesmaids.  

  • Invitations - after my failed DIY attempt, have been saved by a friend of Mr Mel's, I've designed the invite, he's printing it.  I'll still do RSVP & travel/accomm cards myself

  • Accommodation - partly done, have booked a 3 bedroom house for my family coming from Vic, we're inspecting more this weekend for Mr Mel's side, and other friends & family

  • Honeymoon - have quotes for Vanuatu, hopefully booking today!

  • And one of the big ones, the 'lose some kgs' challenge, I've been going to Curves for almost 2 weeks now, really enjoying it and the other ladies who do the circuit at my 6.30am timeslot

    Start date28 Feb

    Interim Goal weight loss - 10kg - final goal tba once we hit May!
    Progress - 2.2kg, tba cm- day 24
    Interim Goal date - 28 May - allowing 7 weeks for dress to be finetuned before wedding!
    End Goal date - 23 July

    We're ontrack so far to be under our budget, but still alot of things to get final prices on etc, we shall see!


    1. Well done Mel, everything seems to be coming along nicely for you.


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