Friday, March 11, 2011

Clothing Mr Mel

While trawling websites for ideas for decorations for our wedding I happened upon a photo that jumped out at me.

Mr Mel wants to keep his clothing 'weddingy' but not too stuffy, no tie was high, well top of the list!

Option 1 for Mr Mel's suit for the day
I loved the casual look with the sleeves partly rolled up, open neck, no tie, but still the waistcoat keeps it neat, tidy, and 'formal' to a point.  And love the colour, different to the normal dark suits. Plus it's something he could wear alot, either to the races, other weddings, parties etc.

And the best thing when I emailed the photo to Mr Mel, his reply was

"Looks pretty smart i reckons."

And in Mr Mel speak that's a glowing endorsement :)  yay!  

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