Sunday, March 27, 2011

Honeymoon booked - Yay!

After much back & forth with travel agents, flicking through way too many magazines and scrolling through hundreds of websites, we've booked our Honeymoon, yay!

We're flying Air Vanuatu

Our Honeymoon Airline :)
Staying 10 nights at Erakor Island Resort
Erakor Island Resort
We have booked direct with both, we picked out the package we wanted, and went to Flight Centre with the flight & accomm we wanted, and were quoted one price, I went home and checked prices myself, and booking direct would save us $800, so no brainer, I've booked direct!

And the bonus, with the flights, our reservations are held, but we don't have to pay until this Friday, which isn't a huge saving, but our VISA gets paid in full on Thursday, so we'll have room to put it on the VISA, leaving that $1,100 in our offset another month.

The bigger bonus is booking direct with Erakor we only have to pay a $250 deposit, then the balance a month before we arrive, with Flight Centre they wanted everything paid for by 28 April!  So that's 2 months of the honeymoon $ in our offset, not in Flight Centre's kitty.

And the girl at Erikor I've been emailing, Abi, has been so helpful, I think it's so much more personal to have the 1 on 1 contact, rather than via a travel agent.

Yay on all fronts, very excited!


  1. Oh I adore Erakor- it's one of the few places you can snorkel right off the lagoon. Plus Le Lagon (and Wild Ginger) is only a little boat ride away!

  2. Yay so happy to hear from someone who loves Erakor, thanks Polka Dot Bride!! Will put Le Lagon & Wild Ginger on the to visit list :)


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