Sunday, July 10, 2011

D for Dye Day

Today was d-day for dyeing, shoe dyeing that is.

Having searched far and wide for a pair of green heels that weren't skyscrapers, I purchased a pair of white satin heels online, with a view to getting them dyed locally.

Little did I know how difficult it would be to find someone who could dye them for me!  Sydney was the common recommendation when I was asking round - hairdresser, drycleaner etc. There was one other option in Newcastle, but at $130, I thought it was a bit excessive.

I went googling and found a few forums discussing dyeing satin ballet slippers, I thought that surely it wouldn't be too hard to dye my heels.

I also want to dye some of my calico bunting, so picked up various green dyes on one of my trips to Spotlight.

I had my final dress fitting on Saturday, wearing my shoes. So today I set to dyeing the heels.

I used the Dylon Amazon colour first, the colour on the packet looked pretty close to what I was after, but once the first coat had dried I realised it was way too pale and too olive.
Dylon amazon green
Shoe 1, Coat 1 of Dylon Amazon Green
1 coat on both of Dylon Amazon Green

So once dried, I went over them with a coat of Jacquards iDye Kelly Green
Jacquards iDye Kelly Green
And woohoo, perfect, I still have another coat to do once they dry, probably finish them off in the morning so totally dry.  I'll post pics of the final product after that, I think I should probably get a sealant for them to.
Left Kelly, Right Amazon

Both Kelly - coat 1
Just ignore the mess on the towel!
1 coat to go, then sealant
So far, very happy with the result  :)  And with the leftover dye from each packet I'm hand painting/dyeing some of the bunting flags.


  1. You did a great job!! Love them. :-)

  2. Thanks Vi :) They're almost done, I love them, and would never be scared to dye shoes again!

  3. They are a stunning colour. I have never thought of dyeing shoes before - but I'll certainly keep it in mind for the future. I don't do the killer heels that are the go at the moment - I'm flat out staying upright in my 2 inch boots!

    How are your excitement levels? How you have managed to keep this a secret I don't know! I would be bursting at the seams to tell someone, anyone, everyone!!! Hence, as much as I admire your plans, I'd never get them to work because I'd be the one ruining the secret!!


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