Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DIY Decorations - Bunting - part 1

It's been a little while coming (see earlier posts!) but on the weekend I finally made a start on my massive DIY Bunting task!

We have worked out that we will need approx 150m of bunting to do all the decorating we want:

  • 2 x 2 strands looping from sides of hall up to a chain hanging high from ceiling at each end of hall, width of hall is 10m, so allowing 15m per stand to include the 'loop' - 15m x 4 = 60m
  • 1 x strand looping behind/above bar - 10m should cover it
  • 1 x strand looping above cake tressle table - 5m
  • 1 x strand looping above soup station - 5m
  • 1 x strand looping above kids area - 10m 
  • 1 x strand looping above entrance - 5m
  • 1 mega strand looping around verandah, below the fairy lights - 40m
  • leaves 15m just in case it looks to bare!!
The triangles/flags I'm using are 20cm wide, however once sewn together and turned right side out they're about 17cm wide, so going to have 5 flags per metre with gaps of 2.5cm between each flag. 

So 5 flags per metre x 150m = 750 flags (oops DIY project out of control a tad!!)

So far I've cut out around 100 flags, and sewn up around 60, so you could say I'm a way off being finished!!

Luckily I'm really enjoying it, finding it relaxing (thank god!).

These are my creations so far, in various stages of completion!
The calico was my first try, luckily it worked, so I moved onto some of the fancier material, these are ready for binding
These are now all sewn up into flags, to be bound together
This mornings inside out flags, waiting to be turned right way out then bound, a bit of red to break up the green/cream
I have sourced material from a number of places:
  • Op Shops - sheets, shirts
  • Garage Sales - sheets, shirts, curtains
  • Big W/Target/Kmart - discount baskets of fitted sheets, flat sheets
  • Spotlight - sticking to the budget options
We have a long weekend coming up in a few days, looking forward to getting through a couple of hundred metres worth of flags!!  Wish me luck!

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