Thursday, June 9, 2011

Becoming a Mrs

Par for the course for most brides when getting married is taking your husbands surname.

Looking into it, there is alot of information for/against, and the reasons why (see Wikipedia entry), but I just think of our marriage as being the 'official' start of  us becoming a family, and I would like all in our family to have the same surname, so I'm happy to take on Mr Mel's surname. Actually I can't wait to be Mrs Mr Mel :)
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However, I keep ticking over one main 'issue' in my mind.

I am 37, and have been working since I was 19 (after dropping out of Accounting degree I detested!), and over the past 10 years I have built up a good reputation in my industry.  I'm not on the whose who list, but I am quite well known within the business circles I travel.

By losing my surname I worry that I'll lose the 10 years of good work I've put in under my 'maiden' name.

My thinking is split into 3 thoughts currently:

  1. Suck it up and just go with Mr Mel's surname, the contacts I have will get used to it
  2. Go for a hyphen on work/business side, but take Mr Mel's surname officially
  3. Stick with my maiden name for business dealings, which could get confusing?
I'm currently leaning to - 1- but 2 & 3 both have their merits.

Has anyone else had these thoughts, or am I being a tad precious?  Be honest, I can take it  :)
Edit - A comment from Sami Jae reminded me I hadn't mentioned Mr Mel's thoughts.

Mr Mel is  happy with whatever I want to do, he's just rapt I want to take his name officially :)  Personally I think he'd like it if I went by his name business wise as well, but I don't think he'd mind if I went with the other 2 options.  Shall have to discuss with him further once I know where my thoughts are heading!


  1. Number 2 is a workable option and your reason for it is valid. What is your DH to be thoughts on it?
    Sami Jae

  2. Hi Sami Jae, thanks I hadn't thought to add Mr Mel's thoughts, I just have. He's happy with whatever I want to do, but I think he'd prefer I either went with his or a hyphen. With a bit more thought I'm leaning to 1 or 2, don't think staying maiden name only would work. Thanks for your comment

  3. I was quite happy to lose my maiden name (it was always annoying having to be spelt out, and so is my first name) but I get where u are coming from. I reckon add on Mr Mel's surname with a hyphon (if they sound/look good together?) for business purposes, as people will stil recognise your name and will realise its you, but married (maybe?) Good luck with your surprise wedding! how exciting :)

  4. Congrats, I had a surprise wedding and it was a real buzz. Hope you have loads of fun as well!


  5. Love your post have you watched this YouTube marriage proposal?

    You will love it! It is a bit long but worth watching.

    Best wishes with your planning from New Zealand>

  6. Love your blog, what a great idea!!! Thank you for adding $500 Wedding to your blog list, I love it, you made my day! If you'd like to add your blog to our free blog directory, you can find the link on our home page. I'm your newest follower! :) Heather

  7. Sarndra - thanks, I'm quite attached to my maiden name, but excited to take on Mr Mel's name, I think I'll go with the hyphen, for a while anyway, till the industry gets the hang of my new name :)

  8. Deb - thanks :) I think it will be a night we'll remember for ever :)

  9. Becky - thanks, I agree :)

  10. LindyLambChopsNZ - thanks for the link will go check it out, and thanks for your good wishes :)

  11. Heather - thanks :) I will definitely go add my blog to your directory, thanks for the invite!


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