Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekend Schedule!

I have just got home after 5 days in Sydney working, I had plans of prepping all of the fabric for bunting, in the hotel room, each night, however it just didn't happen.  The first 2 nights I was treated out for dinner, night 1 with the boss, night 2 with the boss and the boss of another farm, then the other 2 nights I was absolutely knackered, after 12 hours walking the horses at the sale, I was asleep by 8pm, so no fabric work was done!

Seeings as it's a month yesterday till the big day, my schedule & to-do list is under the pump, so this weekend my plans are:


  • 3pm - early mark from work, leaving at 3pm, to be at Newcastle by 4pm to buy bra & underwear for final dress fitting on Saturday!
  • as long as I last - bunting work Friday night


  • 10am - hair & makeup trial
  • 2pm - final dress fitting in Newcastle 
  • 4pm (surely won't take more than 2 hours!) - crockery hunt for the soup station and dessert table, the rest of the food is finger food from waiters
  • Sat night - bunting!
  • 40 mins on treadmill


  • wine tasting to make final selections on wine & champagne for wedding
  • dye shoes from ivory to green - wish me luck!
  • meet with 'cake lady' to give her the cake stand, and recipe for ganache
  • bunting!
  • 40 mins on treadmill
  • organise 2nd bedroom for installation of built in wardrobe next Wednesday! Heaps of boxes to sort/move!

(photo source)
As my Nan used to say, I'll be running around like a blue arsed fly :)

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