Sunday, June 5, 2011

What To Do With Mop Top!?

Just under 7 weeks till the big day (holy hell how has that happened!)  and I have still got absolutely no clue what to do with my mop top (aka hair!).

I am booked in for a practice hair & makeup run on 25 June, and they have asked me to bring along photos of what sort of styles I like!

I don't think "Um, I dunno you're the hairdresser" will cut it, so I've been Googling my heart out and came up with some options that MIGHT work!

My dress is strapless, but I'm wearing a sheerish bolero/wrap type thing, so not sure what style will be best!

I have blonde straight hair that sits just above bra strap, with layers at the side/front, no fringe.

I think a total up-do will be too formal, our wedding will be quite casual, so I don't want to be feeling to done up so to speak. I don't want it really curly either as it's just not me. And I won't be wearing a veil or tiara, just a flower or two, if looks ok!

These are the styles that have caught my eye so far.
Any suggestions more than welcome!!


  1. love the top row of hairstyles, and the first three on the second row (left to right). beautiful - you have great taste! :-)

  2. Thanks :) they're my favourite ones too!!

  3. Love the 3rd & 4th photo in the first row, elegant, yet casual, some of the others are beautiful but quite formal, which you have said you dont want. I hope you come up with something you love on the 25th. :)


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