Sunday, July 17, 2011

D-Day 5 more sleeps away!

Wow, what a difference a few days makes!

Things were going along swimmingly, everything coming together well, then kaboom a clusterf%*$ bomb goes off.

Don't want to go into too many details, as it's already doing my head in, and I just can't think about it any more. But needless to say alot of swearing, tears, and stress has been had since Friday, none of it of our doing!

1 family member doesn't want to stay in the same house as another because their voice annoys them (yes I'm being serious!), a couple of kids in the family have fallen ill, the illness means they should be isolated, the easy, and common sense answer is that one of the parents stays with the kids, while the other comes. But that's turned into a nightmare with people threatening not to come, even when we told them (1 family who have been sworn to secrecy) that it was our wedding, hoping they would be able to sort it.

Mr Mel and I had a sleepless weekend, trying to placate all parties, we spent most of our weekend calling/texting/emailing everyone trying to work out the best plan for the weekend, when we should have been us fine-tuning everything, and relaxing if possible! However it just didn't happen.

So now it's 5 sleeps till our big day, and we still have a bit to do:
  • Bunting - or now known as Nemesis - everything is sewn up, ironed, just need to sew them all together into 15 metre lengths, that is my mission tonight and tomorrow before and after work
  • Shoes - I dyed them however once fully dried they were too light, so I have gone over them with acrylic paint, which is in the process of drying, I will then spray them with a sealant
  • Honeymoon Clothes - whoops, not a smart idea to try and go summer clothes shopping in middle of winter!  Have found a few bits an pieces that will work with our current clothes, thankfully even found some not too horrific bathers! Yay
  • Payments - tonight have to make final payments to caterer, decorator, hire company, hall
  • Flowers - I am heading to the Sydney Flower Market on Wednesday morning, leaving home at 3.15am!! with a lady who goes to the Curves I go to, and her daughter, who was a florist, and does some work on the side.  The plan is to go and see what catches the eye, run it by florist re how it could work, then buy them wholesale.  We're going to have a few arrangements, then a heap of single flowers in wine bottles & jars, at this stage!
  • Ring - I am hoping I will have time to get my engagement ring polished/cleaned for the big day, if not, no big deal
  • Photographer - we are meeting with our photographer at the hall on Wednesday afternoon to get an idea of where to get photos, what sort of light is around etc
  • Music - I need to finish off saving music to my ipod and organising playlists
  • Decorations - I need to write on a few blackboards & picture frames to go around the hall with info re food, wine, etc.
  • Pom Poms - IF I get time I am going to make some pom poms, to hang around the hall, I have all the tissue paper, just need time to make them!
  • Family issues - need to make sure I stand my ground for my big day and not get bullied into backing down, I only want to ensure all of our guests are safe and healthy, not infected by possibly sick kids on the day!
  • Oh and work - tomorrow is my last day, yay, then I can concentrate properly on my to-do list, instead of squeezing it around my 10 hour work days!  Not mentioning all the work to get done before I leave tomorrow!

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with it all!

    Remember though that when it all boils down, this is your day (and Mr Mels!) so don't let them push you around and put a dampner on it! Social etiquette does require them all to be on their best behaviour on the day anyway, being as the day is all about the bride and groom!

    Don't freak too much about summer clothes for your honeymoon - you'll pick up some ripper bargains while you're away and wish you packed lighter to bring it all home!

  2. Good Luck Mel. Hope all goes great!!

  3. Thanks Shelley, agree and that's what we're trying to do, not let the spoil our day. Trying to tune out the drama :) Agree re the honeymoon clothes, can pick up what we can't take. And really how much will we need lazing on the beach for 10 days :)


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