Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Photographer - update

We booked our Photographer a few months back, she is someone we've known informally for a few years, while not close, I think knowing her a bit will help us feel a bit more relaxed (here's hoping!)

Now our wedding is less than 2 months away we're meeting up with Katrina to show her the location so she can get an idea of shot angles/lighting etc, and to chat about the sort of photos we want.

We're meeting this Saturday out at the Hall, and she is going to take some test photos of us also, have I mentioned I HATE getting my photo taken?

We want our photos to be informal, relaxed, impromptu, not the normal posed shots, we want it more personal like family photos.

In our initial discussions back in Feb I sent Katrina a link to some great photos of another surprise wedding ( I still really like the style of the photos, especially how well they have captured the emotion of the surprise.  I think this will be the main thing I want Katrina to focus on, and yes it's a sneaky way to get some of the focus off me!
I'm going to do little props like this for our wedding day (photo source)
Seeings as I hate HATE getting my photo taken, I would be extremely grateful for any words of advice from readers, ie

How do you relax for a photo?
What's the best way to stand? keeping in mind I'm no skinny minny!
What sort of photos/poses should we aim for, in this pre-wedding shoot?
Do you know of any websites with good pre-wedding photos?

Plus any other gems you may have :)

Update - as I hit 'publish post' an email came through from Katrina, she needs to reschedule (yay!!) so I get a few more weeks grace before we meet up for the pre-wedding shoot, but feel free to give any and all ideas!! :)



  1. I'm not a fan of having my photo taken either, i'm curvy and short. All i can suggest is get your DH to be to take some photo's of you and work out from there if you need to improve your posture/stance. Remember your dress will hide the lower part of your body so what you do with your legs is not going to be seen lol it's mainly your upper body that you want to concentrate on for example, neck, boobs, doublechin and batwings. I have all of the above problems. We had informal family pics taken earlier this year and i'm not overly happy with how i'm standing. I thought my posture was good but it's not.
    Good luck :)
    Sami Jae.

  2. Hi Sami Jae. Thanks for your suggestions, I might get DH on the job to take some photos. Yes the dress will definitely help hide the lower horror come wedding day, maybe I'll wear a skirt for the pre-wedding shoot only! The chin & wins area are high on my list, I might have to do some mirror posing also! My posture isn't the best, so thanks for that pointer too! Mel.

  3. Mel, lovely photo idea.

    Mr. Scather and I ended up with a simply horrible photographer on our day. The way he posed us, the way he insulted our wedding party (making nasty comments about the size of some of the girls) - it was all very unprofessional, unflattering and uncomfortable. Since you seem to have found a friendly person who is happy to talk about what you want, I think you're off to a great start!
    The best photos we have are those still shots taken by the videographer who did not pose us, who was kind and lovely. These are the photos in which we are generally smiling. So that would be my tip- don't stress too much, anyone who is truly happy, as I am sure you and Mr. Mel will be, will look beautiful!

  4. I hate photos as well - though usually end up liking them years later!

    My tip....practice your pose in the mirror until you work out how to hold your head, width of smile get the look you're after. likewise, get someone to take some snaps while you pose to see if you like them (then try to remember how you were holding it!). Practice makes perfect!

    Also, I found the informal shots that weren't posed (eg laughing, looking away) looked so much better than any posed shot :) but that's just me!

    I'm loving reading your adventure and totally love the idea of a surprise wedding. We got married on my birthday and it was the best day ever - I married the love of my life and got to share my day/evening with all the important people in my life!


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