Sunday, May 8, 2011

How We'll Do It!

Since we first started thinking about having a surprise wedding, we had been tossing around different ways to do "it", to let everyone in on the surprise.
We had been thinking that we would tell both sets of parents on the morning of the wedding, then Mr Mel would go to the hall with everyone, saying that my sister (brides slave) & I were running late at the hairdresser, then about 1/2 hour later, then while we're on the way Mr Mel would announce what was happening. My Dad would then meet me at the car for walking down the aisle.

However that would mean I would miss out on most of the surprise, so we weren't 100% convinced.

On Friday night we met with our Celebrant (Victoria from A Beautiful Day), who we are very happy to say, is just lovely, phew, as neither of us had met her (I had been emailing her), and on the drive there we thought what happens if there's a personality clash, we'd left it a bit late to find a replacement, but very happy with Victoria, she's going to make our day even more special.

Victoria asked us how we were going to do the surprise, and we kind of looked at each other, saying Ummmmmm for a bit, then she said she'd been thinking about it, and after meeting us, and discussing what sort of a wedding we wanted, relaxed, informal, that she had an idea.

Everyone will go to the Hall for the 2.30pm start, Victoria will be there (with table/microphone hidden), she won't stick out as most of our family & friends haven't met so they'll just think she's a friend/family from the other side!

My sister will apologise to everyone, saying that Mel as usual is late, stuck at hairdresser, Mr Mel just rang to update or similar. Drinks and nibbles will be available, music on, to help with distraction.

Then at around 3pm, Mr Mel and I will drive to the Hall, together, in our wedding gear, and us getting out of the car will be the announcement! (bit of goosebumps happening thinking about it!)

This way both of us will get to experience the surprise of the day.

When we arrive, Mr Mel will head to the ceremony spot, and my sister will go get my Dad, and bring him over to walk me down the aisle (along with tissues, as Dad will cry!).  Mr Mel will ask his best mate to stand with us as witness and Best Man (we can't ask beforehand as his wife, Mr Mel's sister will give the game away!).

Then we'll have the ceremony from say 3-4pm, then myself, Mr Mel, Sister & Best Man will go for photos, around the Hall, and closeby, for about an hour, then we'll come back and it's party time! Mr Mel & Best Man won't be wearing same suit, but really does it matter?  They'll both look smart, but won't match, no big deal.

Yay, am so happy with the arrangement, and Mr Mel loves it too.


  1. OH Mel that sounds like a great plan. I reckon it will be really special and a very teary time. What a great celebrant you have she sounds like she is really interested in making your day the best it can be. Wish I could see it all (as a fly on the wall).

    Best of luck

  2. Hi Jan - thanks for your lovely comment. I think it will be a very teary time also, we've already warned our celebrant that we both may be a bit overcome by the moment, she's determined to get us through it!! :) I'll be posting lots of pics of the day after it's all done, well after the honymoon :)


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