Sunday, May 29, 2011

Car - didn't even consider it!

Oops, it's around 7 weeks till our big day, and it suddenly dawned on us, how are we getting to the hall?

I had initially sought out quotes from a variety of car places, Limos, old style cars, horse drawn carriage, but across the board I couldn't justify the cost, especially as we are having the ceremony at the same place as our reception, therefore the car will just be dropping us off.

We have a few friends with nice cars, but if we asked if we could borrow it for the day, guaranteed they would have guessed the reason. We could have used either of our cars at a stretch, but a station wagon and a hatchback aren't really what you'd consider wedding cars!  Altho if push came to shove, we'd use one of them.

So that's where the thinking cap was put on.

My parents (and all the rest of my extended family) are flying up from Victoria, we are picking up most of them from the airport, however my parents are going to hire a car so it's an extra car to ferry people around.

So I spoke to my sister (also known as Brides Slave), and asked if she could work it with our parents so that it was her job to book the car for them, luckily it's not that much of a stretch as my sister travels alot with work, and saying she could organise a discount through work was 100% believable.

After a few calls to sister, and discussions between Mr Mel and myself, we settled on a Ford XR6, either in Black or White. I'm no car nut and neither is Mr Mel, but we thought they looked smart, and not too over the top.

My sister just emailed to say that she had booked the XR6 and had requested black or white, yay!

So Mr Mel and I will be arriving together (Mr Mel driving, see entrance blog earlier), in either one of these fellas
Black Ford Falcon XR6 (photo source)
White Ford Falcon XR6 (photo source)
And the huge bonus is it's only costing us $50 (plus $5 for ribbon), as the car they'd chosen was only $50 cheaper for the 4 days, than this option, when you add my sisters work's discount into the bargain!  Compared to the $500 - $800+ we were quoted it's a huge saving. Woohoo, our budget is very happy about it!


  1. Mel things are falling into place and it is great you saved money into the bargain. Good going.

  2. Thanks Jan, everythings coming together, so far!

  3. Withthe hire car are you sure you can request colours? We tried to do this and when we went to pick up got a PURPLE-Y(!) colour car and a choice of the other one in white or red. Almost burst into tears. Didn't hire any of them and had to scramble to book a wedding car for the next day. BIL found one in Newcastle I think it was. VERY STRESSFUL. Hoping you don't have the same problem and get your white or black ones.

  4. Thanks 'Anonymous', I hadn't thought of what happens if they stuff it up! Shall get the Brides Slave onto checking into it, and will look at putting a backup plan in place! thanks!


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