Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding Guestbook

So many things pop up when you're organising a wedding, things I hadn't even considered have somehow made it to my 'To Do List'.

One of those things is a Guestbook.  I hadn't even thought about it until my hairdresser asked what sort I was having, I must have given her a deer in headlights look, as she ran out the back and bought one out she'd just bought for her wedding in a few weeks.

While hers was lovely, ivory material cover, with a ribbon and blingy catchment thingo on it, it's not really us.

So I went Googling, good god why oh why did I put 'wedding guestbook' into Google!  The options are endless!
A tiny portion of the images when you Google 'wedding guestbook'!
I knew what we didn't want, white/flowery/lacy/blingy, nothing against it really, but it just wouldn't go with our informal style surprise wedding.

So I trawled Google into the wee hours for quite a few nights, yes Boss if you're reading this, that's why I had big bags under my eyes, well part of the reason!

We had thought maybe a photo board which people could sign, but then thought what would we do with it after the wedding, put it on a wall?  Nope most likely not, it would probably end up in the back of a cupboard, or under a bed or similar.

And then I stumbled upon, definitely not the most cost effective option, but I thought we have cut costs/corners in so many places, why not spend a bit more than we were expecting on something that will be a keepsake for our special day.

We wanted something where our guests could leave comments/notes for us, not just a 'sign here' type thing.

On Guestbookstore, you select what style of book you want, in our case the 'One-Of-A-Kind Wedding Guestbook' then you select your cover style, we went with Asian Bloom:
Asian Bloom Guestbook cover
Then you select your page styles, Casual or Formal, we went with Formal.

We chose to have a title page, with our names & the date of our wedding.

Next choice is 'Wedding Memories Page Design' or 'Wedding Predictions Page Design', we went with Memories:
Guestbook pages
And we added a page to include our invitations:
A page to stick a copy of our invitations
So that's it, our guestbook, we're going to have a bucket of coloured markers for people to use, and I'm pretty sure this book won't be hidden away, after our wedding, the cover itself is a piece of art worthy of display, and the memories it will contain will be priceless!


  1. I got one of these and I bet I found it the same way you did too! Can't wait to see what everyone will write in them :)

  2. Hey Ash, great minds stumble upon alike :)


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