Thursday, April 14, 2011

They're In The Mail!

Yes that's right, the invitations are in the mail!  Woohoo, job done!

As per earlier posts re a failed DIY project, (and my hopeful post before starting it), we were very fortunate to have a friend of Mr Mel's offer to print our invitations free, as an engagement present.

So once I'd finished fiddling with the design and layout, I emailed it off to Mr Mel's friend, a week later I received our lovely invitations by courier.
Our Invitation!
Since then I have been putting together a RSVP card and an information pack to go with the invitation.

The information pack has a double sided card which lists:

- map to venue from main street of town - directions for people staying in town and in the vineyards

- list of restaurants we recommend, in town & in the vineyards, with an idea as to cost, and their phone numbers - we have eaten at them all so safe to recommend :)
- list of accommodation we recommend, in town & in the vineyard, with phone numbers - we inspected as many as we could, and checked online for the others
- things to do and see in the area
- an invite to breakfast at our house on the Sunday morning
Map & Things To Do
Accommodation & Restaurants
So I spent the next week or so (from about 11pm - 1am most nights!) printing onto then hand cutting the cards for the RSVP, Accom & Map info, it took a hell of alot longer than I expected, but the end result was worth it I think!

I bought a box of 100% recycled brown envelopes from Officeworks, and addressed each with green pen, I also wrote everyones names on the invitations with the green pen, my penmanship isn't great, but it will do!

So they were packed, sealed, stamped and posted yesterday, yay, another thing checked off the list!  I made a minor mistake tho, on the invites I asked for RSVP by 24 June, yet on the actual RSVP card I wrote 17 June, not a biggie and if it's 1 or the other it doesn't really matter.

We also put on the RSVP card that kick-off time is 2.30pm sharp because we want to get some family photos & some of the entertainment is only available in daylight hours  :)  heehee little do they know..........

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