Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Decorations - Ebay haul so far!

To try and cut some corners in our budget, I am scouring Ebay for decorations, which we can use in the Hall. I had sourced quotes from all of the local decorators, 6 in total, and the quotes, bar 1, were scary.

My theory is instead of paying thousands of dollars to hire items, I can buy them cheaper, use them on the day/night, then sell them afterwards.

So far my haul is:

100 x Rice Paper Lanterns (white) - $126 ($150 to hire)
150m x Fairy Lights (warm white) - $283 ($300 to hire)
2 x Candelabras - $40 ($50 to hire)
1 x Bird Cage Wishing Well/Card Holder - $66 ($40 to hire)
100 x Willow Green Organza Chair Sashes - $139.99 ($2.00 each to hire)

So on these 5 items alone the costs compare as:

Ebay - $654.99
Decorator (average quote over 6 quotes) - $740

Plus I can resell mine after the day, say if I sell them for 1/2 price of what I paid for them, that makes the cost $327.49!  Savings yay
Birdcage Wishing Well/Card Holder
Fairy Lights
Willow Green Organza Chair Sash

I've also bought:

1 x Bridal Cake Knife & Server set - $25
50 x personalised wine charms for gifts - $75
1 x Guestbook - $25
4 x White Bali flags - $25

All were much lower prices that I found through other online stores or 'real stores'.
Cake Knife & Server
Bali Flags - to use on either side of the gate to the Hall
I'll be back with more savings :)


  1. Well done on your ebay haul.
    The cake knife and server set is lovely and I adore the birdcage which would look great in your home if you wanted to keep it.

    It's really all coming together now, so exciting.

  2. Hi Peta, thanks :) I love the birdcage, I think it'll look lovely filled with flowers in our home after the day.

    The knife & server were much nicer in person than they looked on Ebay, so happy about that!

  3. Hi Mel, thanks for the visit. I would definetly spray paint the bird cage white. I did mine with an electric sprayer but a can or two of good quality canned spray paint will be just as effective. Good luck. Sandy x

  4. Hi Mel,
    Love the blog - sounds like you have some fantastic ideas for your surprise wedding.
    Funnily enough I am thinking of having my wedding at the same location early next year - I saw that you mentioned thinking of selling your decorations after your wedding....?? I might be very interested in your ebay haul items- if you do consider selling them!


  5. Hi Claire - small world! Yes will definitely be selling alot of our decorations after the wedding, happy to let you know, once we're back from honeymoon, and can sort through it all!! The haul has grown considerably, but still so much cheaper than hiring!! Definitely keep in touch! cheers

  6. This birdcage is from


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