Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brides Slave Dress

I have known since forever, that whenever I got married I would be having just the one bridesmaid/matron of honour/slave, my sister.

Now that it's actually happening, I'm so excited to share it with my sister.  She was the first person to know about our surprise wedding.  I made her install Skype, and told her 'face to face' (she lives in Country Vic), about the wedding, and then asked her to be my Bride Slave and the look on her face was priceless, she was dumbstruck and had that deer in headlights look.

After a few minutes chatting she took it in and was so excited, for us, and for her involvement.

She immediately went to dresses, colours, styles, etc, I just told her as long as it's in a similar green family as the one I love I'm happy for her to pick a dress she loves, and more importantly one that she will wear again.

After a few more minutes of chatting we signed off.

The next morning (Saturday) I get a text at 9.30am with a photo of my sister in a green dress, then dingding, another comes thru, she's a tad bit excited!

The first was very bridesmaidy, and even though she said she would, I know she wouldn't wear it again, the second was more of an evening wear style dress, just gorgeous, a lovely green with black and purple embroidery.

Because it will be the middle of winter, she's going to get a wrap or shrug or similar, probably in black or purple to go with her dress.

I asked her to tell me honestly which she liked better, she agreed the second one, so she bought it, job done!  Not great quality shots, from my sisters phone.

The Runner Up - too bridesmaidy
The Winner - My slave, sorry sister's dress
I'm going dress shopping for myself this weekend, lets hope it's as easy!


  1. I love the dress she chose, it's absolutely gorgeous. I love green and would so wear that dress. She's going to look lovely.
    Have you thought about what shoes she'll wear?

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  3. Oh wow! Both dresses are gorgeous. I do like the 1st dress myself but if your sister is going to get more wear from the dress she likes then that's good.

  4. I love the dress you ladies picked...BEAUTIFUL

  5. Thanks Peta, haven't thought about shoes, I told her I'm going to wear green, but happy for her to wear black/green/pink whatever looks best with the dress, and which she'll wear again.

  6. Thanks Twisted soul, she does have good taste! She's going with the darker green, with the black & purple/pink, I love that she'll wear it again :)

  7. Thanks Nik, I think she'll look gorgeous :)


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