Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Photographer

Given I usually dislike, ok let's be honest, absolutely detest and will do almost anything to avoid, getting my photo taken, the subject of wedding photos was always going to be a touchy one.

I was trying to think of the most painless way of getting photos of our special day, that we'll cherish forever.

I initially thought we'd just provide disposable cameras for our guests, but then thought we'll only get married once, and even though I'll probably find it painful, I do want some lovely, professional shots.

So that's when the brainwave hit me. I work in the Thoroughbred Industry, and have always admired the work of a topnotch photographer who specialises in horse photos. So I contacted her (through Facebook, don't you love technology!) and asked if she would be interested in photographing our day. And not long after I received a very positive reply, yay.

Sure reading this you might think why on earth is she getting a horse photographer for her wedding!  Well our photographer Katrina Partridge is no ordinary animal/horse photographer.

Katrina has an amazing eye for a moment to be captured, and that's what we're after, we don't want the usual standard shots, we want a more informal approach, we're happy for her to wander around and photograph what she thinks need capturing, along with a few requests obviously!

Website of our photographer - Katrina Partridge
We're meeting with Katrina in the next couple of weeks to go through the type of shots we like, then we'll meet again at our venue, to go through the best places to get shots, how the light falls in different areas, etc. Then on the day, we'll have her with us for 3-5 hours, depending on which package we decide to go with.

Very happy to have found a photographer who isn't a stranger, because we know Katrina, not well, but enough to be comfortable, I know I'll be more at ease come the big day, and hopefully she'll be able to capture some great shots!

Last night while wandering around the web, I stumbled upon this surprise wedding, just love the photos, I've sent the link to Katrina for inspiration!


  1. That is definitely the sort of photographer you want. So many wedding pictures look so staged and the only good ones are the 'moments' ones!

    Glad she said yes.

  2. Agree 100%, the staged ones aren't us, we want as relaxed and natural as we can :)


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