Thursday, February 3, 2011


Our plan is to cater cocktail style, with a couple of servers wandering the crowd with plates of canapes, as I've mentioned earlier it's the first time our families will meet, so we want some serious mingling, and I don't think that would happen at the usual sit down dinner reception.

We're getting quotes from 5 local caterers, and have 1 hot favourite at the moment.

They're doing either 9 or 12 canapes per head, plus cream, fresh berries, coulis to be served with the wedding cake, plus coffee & tea for $21 or $25 per head, depending on which way we go. Plus they'll provide 2 servers, 1 kitchen hand and a barman for the night, for an additional fee.

We're going to their kitchen at Merewether next week for a tasting, then to sign up!

Examples of canapes we'll be having
Then we're looking at getting a spit roast, at around $10 per head, meat only, we'll do our own salads.

The Hall has tressle tables & chairs available as part of the hire fee, so we'll set up a few tressle tables, for salads, coffee, tea, drinks, and have chairs setup inside, on the verandah, and on the lawn, so people can still sit, but just not sit and not talk to anyone bar their neighbour :)

We're hoping the wedding/party will run from 3pm till early hours of Sunday morning, so want to ensure everyone is well fed, especially given it will be the middle of winter!

We will provide all of our own drinks, with the caterer providing a barman for 5 hours, then it will be help yourself type setup.

I'll post the list of canapes, plus a better idea of the overall costings for the food, once we've confirmed the caterer we're going with.

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