Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Countdown - 5 months!

Ok so it's a little less than 5 months, last Wednesday it was 5 months!

So in UNDER 5 months Mr Mel and I will be married, yay!

There's alot to get done in the next 4+ months, most of them will be easily scheduled/managed, some others, well one mainly is a different story!

Let's be blunt, deep down, no-one wants to be a fat bride, to walk down the aisle in a tent made of white. I'm maybe probably being a tad harsh on myself, my tent would probably be a bit more of a marquee than a circuis tent!

So my mission, should I choose which I have no option but to accept is to lose some kgs & cms in the next 2 months, so I can find a dress that I like, that isn't overly tentish, and so that our photos aren't a constant reminder of me being a fat bride!

Sure I'm not never going to be a Kate Moss strolling down the aisle, but at least I could look more like Kate Ceberano than I do currently!

Kate Moss - never gonna happen!
Kate Ceberano - more realistic goal I hope!
So having been on an on & off mission to lose weight and get healthy, with a 'deadline' of 23 July looming it's the incentive & motivation I need to get a move on!

Tonight after work I'm going to go meet the girls at the local Curves, to see what sort of programs they might have to help me go hard for the next few months. I know it has to be a lifelong permanent change, but I think if I focus on the next few months, by the time 23 July comes around, my new exercise & eating regime will be part of the furniture so to speak.

So I think to keep myself more accountable I'll note my progress here under the Countdown header, feel free to ask questions about progress, to shame me into action if need be, believe me I'll probably need it!

You may have seen the style of dress I like in an earlier post, well I've decided I don't want to HAVE to wear something to cover my upper arms, our wedding will be in Winter so I'll most likely need something, but I don't want that something to be hiding my tuckshop arms!

Plus we're thinking of Vanuatu for a honeymoon, bathers/swimmers/togs and I aren't good friends currently, that has to change!

Here we go!

Start date - 28 Feb

Interim Goal weight loss - 10kg - final goal tba once we hit May!
Progress - 0kg, 0cm- day 1
Interim Goal date - 28 May - allowing 7 weeks for dress to be finetuned before wedding!
End Goal date - 23 July

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