Monday, August 29, 2011

The horror - the aftermath!

Just a quick update:

Mr Mel & I returned from our fantastic honeymoon 2 weeks ago and were confronted with a house that had been overrun during our absence, by wedding decorations!

Our 2nd and 3rd bedrooms were chock-full, I mean so full the only clear bit was the door opening space!  Over the past 2 weekends we've slowly started working through it all.

We're working out what we'll keep (the bloody bunting :)!), and what we'll sell/ebay (chair ties, bowls, etc) etc.
So far our keep/sell lists are about even, but I think we might have to get a bit more ruthless!

I'll be back shortly to update the lists :)


  1. Hi Mel! I was wondering whether you'd consider hiring out your bunting? I'm getting married soon in Sydney and would love to hire it. If so can you email me at anna [a t] its getting hot in

  2. Hi, Anna I'll email you also, I'm going to turn the bunting into a baby rug now we're pregnant! Thanks, Mel.


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