Saturday, January 29, 2011

Welcome To Our Surprise Wedding Blog!

Ok so a minor detour from the usual procedure, we're yet to get engaged, but Mr Mel & I have decided to have an engagement party on 23 July 2011, and at that party we'll surprise our loved ones by getting married!

Mr Mel & I have known each for 5 years, been together for 3.5 years, and bought our home 1.5 years ago.

Mr Mel is 38, I'm 37, we're well aware of time ticking by, so we've decided to go a tad against the grain, and hopefully in 2011 we'll get married, and start a family!  No pressure!!

At this stage we have the following sorted:

Date - Saturday 23 July 2011
Venue - Hunter Vally, NSW, Australia

To say we've got a bit to organise in the next 6 months is a bit of an understatement, but I'll document the ride here, as a way to keep on track, and for something to look back on down the track!

Wish me luck,

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